Ramla Capital

It's time for the world to change

Ramla Capital was first established in London, UK, in 2008, to advise on investments in under-developed and emerging markets.

In 2013, Ramla Capital LLC moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, where we are now headquartered.

In 2016, a subsidiary, Ramla Capital Management AG, was established in Zurich, Switzerland, to provide seamless coverage of assets and constant availability for clients across the world.

Over the years, our team has developed a particular expertise in analyzing and negotiating complex energy transactions, both in the traditional oil and gas sector and in the alternative (photovoltaic, solar, wind, etc.) energy sector. Our experience runs the gamut from negotiating on behalf of principals in far-flung countries, from Siberia through Kazakhstan to Europe and the Middle East, to managing a proxy fight on the Toronto Venture Exchange, to sourcing and then negotiating the take-over of a UK company.

We also actively manage assets and work with shareholders and company management to improve control and ensure better performance and outcomes. Our teams have had particular success in the context of lower energy prices, performing turnarounds and significantly increasing NAVs at minimal cost. We are fortunate to work with a roster of leading international experts who enrich our unique skillsets with invaluable sector- and area- specific knowledge and experience.

We invest mainly in seed to early-stage companies, although we have the flexibility to invest opportunistically. Geographically, we focus on the U.S., Europe and MENA, although we have also invested in compelling companies in Asia. We take an interest in investment opportunities that play to a particular expertise or investment vector that we have identified – usually this involves small to medium cap companies in developed markets that we deem, for some reason, exceptional.


Ramla Capital LLC is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut.  We have a subsidiary, Ramla Capital Management AG in Zurich, Switzerland.  Our international team is based in the US and Europe, and works around the world.

Ramla Capital LLC: 67 Mason Street, Greenwich CT 06830, USA

+1 203 280 1800

Ramla Capital Management AG: 1 St. Peterstrasse, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland

+41 44 210 1509